Team of talented and innovative professionals

Image Art Agency is a team of talented and innovative professionals. All of them have passion for fashion and styling, and have gathered experience through participation in a number of creative projects for shows, TV and fashion & life-style magazines. So far, each of them built their career individually. Now they have come together to surprise with fresh visual sense of style, original professional thinking and impressive performances.

The agency offers a full range of services to accomplish a successful photo shoot for advertising, as well as individual or corporate projects, wedding or other occasions.

For each project, the agency form the best matching team – hairdressers, manicure and make-up artists, stylists, choreographer, photographers and others as appropriate. The agency aims to meet the highest quality in every detail of each project, and they all together create an unforgettable performance.

The agency creates success stories in close cooperation with the clients. The best ideas are often born in brainstorming and they are not afraid to be unique, different and unexpected.

Image Art Agency, Riga Latvia

We do everything for the best shoot!

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