MMXVI is an art calendar. It was designed as teamwork of singer Agnese Rakovska and the Image Art Agency. Each of the 12 photographs reveals the authors’ vision of a man out of time. Creating images, the team aimed to destroy the contemporary feeling and to bring out both the female and male expression, thus generating individuals that are not gender-specific. Being author of the creative concept, Agnese Rakovska also acts as a model in all images. The calendar is her first art project, which is not related to music and marks new edge of the artist’s creative activities.

Agnese Rakovska: “In photographs I wanted to reveal different expressions of the soul. Physical characteristics divide people and create gaps. The soul exists beyond time and space, beauty of the soul doesn’t relate to sex. I tried to create images, discarding everything I know about myself as a person. I wanted to discover myself as a metaphysical being, and this process was not so much interesting as challenging.”