Ieva Araja
Ieva ArajaFounder of IMART & Hair Stylist
Being a founder of Image Art Agency, Ieva encouraged a group of young professionals to come together for participating in ambitious style and fashion projects. She has a strong professional background as a hairdresser and has successfully participated in numerous international contests in the category of evening hairstyles. Her special talent is coloristic and special interest – experiments with colour.
After completing training at TIGI Academy in Hamburg, Ieva became a TIGI representative in the Baltic Countries. She has conducted TIGI workshops and made hair design for TIGI collections and commercials.
In partnership with fashion designers and stylists Ieva has worked for several TV shows and lifestyle and fashion magazines. She gets inspiration from unique situations, new challenges, acting outside the comfort zone, nature. She loves observing people and discovering fascinating images in the streets of cities. Every year she travels to London to search for new ideas and accumulate creative energy.
Kaspar Brikovsky
Kaspar BrikovskyHair Stylist
His strongest skill is ability to see a full fashion look. He often makes hair for characters that request combining extraordinary hair style with unique fashion and nature. Kaspar is capable to create uncommon looks as he is interested in everything unusual, extraordinary and different. He is a very exciting partner for conversation and easily communicates with both teammates and strangers. His successful participation in numerous projects depends on his talent as well as the dynamic personality.
Liga Macesa
Liga MacesaHair Stylist
Hairstylist Liga is experienced open minded professional who has worked for variety of projects. She has created hair styles for lifestyle and fashion magazines. She also has worked with the creative team of popular cabaret shows, and for several TV shows.
Liga has improved her skills at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London. Her strength is ability to understand the person she is working with and together create the best image. She is inspired by people, nature, love, piece and being in a move.
Igor Sadovsky
Igor SadovskyHair Stylist
Igor is a hairdresser respected by clients due to his approach and concentration on details. Probably it depends on his great observation skills and desire to understand people. He likes to watch how during the visit clients change. Magic of his personality and talent makes people return again and again.
Igors has completed training at TIGI Academy in Berlin and now is TIGI technician in the Baltic Countries. He has participated in a number of competitions in the category of haircuts.
Nauris Tisancins
Nauris TisancinsHair Stylist
Nauris is young hairdresser with high sense of responsibility concerning his occupation as well as life. He is very balanced, able to keep calm also in stressful situations. For this reason the team trusted him the position of assistant. He easy communicates and builds relationships with other people. He is keen of yoga and music.


Victoria Safronova
Victoria SafronovaMake-up Artist & Hairdresser
Viktorija is a makeup artist and hairdresser with strong energy and charisma. She believes that a good professional aside from artistic chaos maintains punctuality and precision. Viktorija has accumulated significant experience in the fashion and film industry based on her participation in both art and commercial projects. Viktorija has worked with Latvian and foreign magazines, including L’ Officiel , Pastaiga, Veto Magazine, and well known designers like Nolo, Amoralle, Tanti, Narciss, QooQoo. Her motivation is the daily rhythm, and she successfully interprets the latest fashion trends. Viktorija is sure that the creative people find inspiration in everything: cultural activities, music, relations, art and nature.
Elena Kanuk
Elena KanukMake-up Artist
Make-up artist Elena has a special skill to discover beauty in every person. She has successfully participated in international contests as well as local projects. She has created make-up for TV shows, magazines, artists and for collection of several fashion designers.
Elena is creative, always open to new challenges, ready to take risks and look for solutions to accomplish extraordinary ideas. She has learned from the best foreign and national make-up artists and continuously improves her professional skills.
Her inspiration comes from nature, films, travelling, and music. She also likes temporary isolation as an opportunity to renew the energy and increase creativity.
Dace Semjonova
Dace SemjonovaMake-up Artist
Dace is an experienced make-up artist especially appreciated by brides. She knows how to create make-up that looks beautifully at photo session and feels great during the festivity. Dace has a very good sense of colour and is familiar with the latest trends of make-up industry. Her inspiration is art and nature, her energy source is painting and yoga.


Sergey Studzinsky
Sergey StudzinskyManicurist
As a master of manicure Sergey has ten years long experience and numerous returning clients. He consistently follows the latest trends of manicure. Being perfectionist, Sergey works precisely and accurately. It is not surprising as his first occupation was jeweller. His inspiration is watercolour paintings and good mood of his clients. His values are people ability to feel and speak without restrictions.
Zane Eisaka
Zane EisakaManicurist
Zane is a master of manicure who pays special attention to details. She is convinced that details are essential for making every person look exceptional. Having tried different occupations, including studies of law and the Spanish language, she is now interested in design. Zane considers that everything happens right now, at this particular moment; there is no reason to wait for things to happen.


Elizabeth Jane Ruben
Elizabeth Jane RubenStylist
Elizabeth Jane is a stylist motivated by creativity. Every situation and new experiment she assumes as a challenge that leads to improvement. Her passion lies in the art and fashion photography. Her photos have been awarded at the contest organized by fashion magazine L’Officiel in two categories: Style in The Big City and Artistic Provocation. Her graduation project from Riga Craft School was granted the Annual Design Award 2014 in the category of graphic design. She thinks that it is worth to enjoy every moment and there is beauty in every single thing.
Anna Kustikova
Anna KustikovaStylist
Daniel Deksnis
Daniel DeksnisStyle Assistant
Style assistant Daniel studies clothing design and in free time is a fashion blogger. He is interested in fashion, photography and art. He likes working with colours and textures and creating extraordinary, different, provocative images. Daniel loves music, people, and nature. He highly values creativity and flexibility. Daniel says about himself: I am free and open -minded personality.


Zane Teikmane
Zane TeikmaneChoreographer
Zane is a professional choreographer and dance trainer. She has created choreography for a number of events and activities, including opening ceremony of the Latvian Olympics, multimedia performances and fashion shows. As a leading soloist, Zane has performed a number of significant roles in ballet performances at the Latvian National Opera. Her passion is ballet studio – Zane makes it possible to feel the joy of movement for women, whose daily life is not a ballet stage.
Ilya Vlasenko
Ilya VlasenkoChoreographer
Ilya is an experienced choreographer with a strong professional background obtained at Choreography department of Latvian Academy of Music. He is currently a ballet tutor at the Latvian National Opera and Ballet Theatre. He has worked as a choreographer and has participated in projects also in Czech Republic, Poland and Estonia. Apart from being involved in the activities of the Image Art Agency he is a stage dance teacher at Latvian Academy of Culture and Riga Choreography High School.


Alyona Grevcova
Alyona GrevcovaPhotographer
Alyona is a photographer who has the skill to bring out details that tend to be unnoticed. She is able to show how multidimensional can be environment and people. That is her added value creating photography for style pages and advertising. Recently she has created photo galleries for designers making children fashion collections. Collaboration with experienced photographers helps her to grow professionally. She is also very active personality loving nature and people, especially children, tennis and fitness. She is also fascinated with leather fashions.
Luize Peterson
Luize PetersonPhotographer
Photographer Luize is forward thinking, creative and flexible professional with strong academic background from different schools of photography , including the ISSP school. Her ISSP project – photo book House in the Woods – received Antalis Award “From Dummy to Print” at SELF PUBLISH RIGA contest. Luize has developed her talent to play with light, experiment with characters, and integrate story into her photos. She prefers a natural light, considers every detail and always has a clear message in mind.
Christina Madjare
Christina MadjarePhotographer
Christina is modern and courageous thinking photographer. She has studied art and photography at Tartu Art College in Estonia and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hanover, Germany.
Christina´s inspiration comes from people with different stories and characters. To depict them in photos is her greatest challenge. She is keen of using documentary manner in the fashion photography. She has worked for the Veto Magazine and fashion designers Yayo, INCH2, ArtJam.
Artur Pucek
Artur PucekPhotographer
Arthur Pucek is a photographer with background in multimedia design. He is fascinated with film photography. Apart from other benefits of film photography he likes experimentation with light and the black colour. Arturs is keen of letting nature elements into his images. He appreciates photos taken by Irina Ionesco, Ren Hang, Jacob Aue Sobol and Nan Goldin.


Roy Rodger Linkevich
Roy Rodger LinkevichArtist
Rojs grew up in an artistic family and, since a young age, realized and developed his talent. He owns a special sight of a stage, so he clearly feels what should be the stage design. Rojs loves making accessories. He is proud that Lady Gaga used one of his crowns at her concert. Rojs has implemented projects for the group Triana Park and singer Agnese Rakovska. He gets inspiration from the difficulties he faces and from transforming negative emotions into beauty, thus confirming the positive.

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